The governing body of Kingsmead School is comprised of Community Governors, Parent Governors and Staff (Teaching and Non teaching) Governors.

The body is made up of three main committees:

Finance, Staffing & Premises Committee - which is responsible for all financial matters including the formulation and monitoring of the budget in accordance with the Academies Financial Handbook. They also have responsibility for staffing issues and the condition of the school's facilities.

The Teaching & Learning Committee and The Scrutiny Panel share a commitment to ensure that Kingsmead students receive learning of the highest quality. Their focus is to monitor the development of practice and accountability.

There are several smaller panels that sit at different times of the year: Attendance Panel, Pay Committee and Admissions Committee.

The attendance panel is also attended by the school's Parent Support Advisor and our attendance advisor from South Eastern Attendance Advisory Service.

Members of the school Senior Leadership Team facilitate these meetings and are invited to attend (please see the Kingsmead Constitution of the Governing Body) for details.

Member Type/Position
Andrew Nicholas Community (Chair)
Ken Gregory Community (Vice Chair)
Kim Pickering Community
Alok Agrawal Community
George Rhoden Community
Usman Haroon Community
David Boothroyd Community
Samantha Ojokor Parent
Vacancy Parent
Vacancy Parent
David Medway Staff (Headteacher)
Lesley Pitcher Staff
Randolph Hoyte Staff
Andrea Gajadhar Staff
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Governor Meeting 2017-2018
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Governor Meeting Attendance 2017
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Constitution of the Governing Body 2017
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Governing Committee of Kingsmead School 2017

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