Kingsmead's School Uniform

Blazer: Charcoal grey marked with the Kingsmead gold crown. Should be worn at all times. (Blazers may be carried in hot weather but only when the Head teacher indicates that this is allowed).

Jumper Black: This is optional but must be marked with the Kingsmead crown. It is not a replacement for the blazer.

Shirt Plain white with collar: to be buttoned up to the neck and to be tucked in.

Trousers/Skirts: Charcoal grey marked with the Kingsmead gold crown. Skirts must not be rolled at the waistband.

Tie Red (Blue for Year 11): neatly tied so the Kingsmead gold crown is visible beneath the knot.

Socks/Tights: Plain black socks or tights. No leg warmers or odd socks.

Topcoat Plain: Grey or black. No denim, leather, motifs, labels or logos, no hoodies.

Scarves: Those worn for religious purposes should be plain black and worn so the shirt collar and tie are visible. Only plain black or grey scarves may be worn. (No football scarves).

Hats: Plain black or grey woolly hats only in cold weather with no emblems or motifs. No caps.

Hairbands: Plain black or grey only.

Belts: Plain black with a sensible, unobtrusive buckle.

Shoes: Traditional flat, black sensible shoes – lace up shoes to have black laces.

No trainers, canvas shoes or boots
No white or coloured laces
No sandals
No kitten heels
No platform shoes or ballet pumps
No ‘Airforce’ or ‘High Top’ Kickers
No suede shoes or leather plimsolls

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