Pathway: I left Kingsmead school in 2013 after completing both my GCSEs and A-levels. During my time in Sixth Form, I studied Biology, Chemistry, Maths and AS economics.

Further Education: Today, I study Medicine at King's College London; I am currently in my fifth year and have just under two years left before starting work as a Junior Doctor!

I have been fortunate enough to witness many wonderful and unique experiences throughout my learning in the hospitals, the best part being able to meet and work with new people every day. Whilst I have enjoyed all the areas I have studied, I feel particularly passionate about a career in paediatrics and women's health and can see myself potentially specialising in these fields. The journey to get to this stage has not been an easy one, but Kingsmead undoubtedly gave me the best foundation and every opportunity to achieve my dream of pursuing a career in medicine.

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