About EPAK

Environmental Protection Agency for Kingsmead (EPAK)

The Environmental Protection Agency for Kingsmead is a group of Year 12 students that formed in September 2010. Their vision was to think up and implement ideas that made Kingsmead a more environmentally friendly and aware place to study. It also provided an opportunity to gain valuable experience that would help secure them a place at university and shape their future careers.

They first completed an environmental review of the school, from which they found the strengths and (mostly) weaknesses of Kingsmeadā€™s current action on environmental issues. They then created an Action Plan which outlined the priorities to work on in the first year. (Action Plan)

EPAK delivered a week of assemblies to each year group in November to introduce their mission to the school and have designed and created a notice board to display important information about their work. They have been fully committed to the project, and it has been a valuable experience for them. They will soon be looking for new recruits from the new Year 12 cohort joining the sixth form in September.

Here is a link to our very own Eco Code.


They are: Emir Aciyan, Asli Ahmed, Robert Amissah, Curtley Brown, Shamima Choudhury, Ricardo Hamilton-Davis, Usman Haroon, Mahfuza Khanum, Devante Mitchell, Zeynep Pirbudek, Sumyiea Ullah and Chantelle Wilkinson.

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