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What is Psychology?

Where is its place in a society?

The word Psychology derives from the ancient Greek words 'psyche' meaning mind or soul and 'logos' which means study of or knowledge. Therefore the word literally means the study of the mind. If you are a student who is keen to understand in detail the secrets of human mind and behaviour, both your own and that of others, and apply gained knowledge in real life situations, then Psychology will be the perfect choice for you.

Psychology is one of the most popular and fascinating subjects studied in the sixth form. It offers scientific, research-based study of human mind and behaviour through a series of interesting modules during two years. The main goal of Psychology as a science is to describe and explain human mind and predict and change behaviour. As an applied social science Psychology aims to serve local communities by raising quality of life, promoting healthy life styles and helping people with personal difficulties or mental health problems. It also has very important public role in education and emancipation of individuals and society by tackling prejudices and discrimination.

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