GCSEPOD2GCSEPod.com service provides high quality, focused learning in a unique ‘Pod’ format across 20 popular GCSE subjects, and filtered by exam boards.
Nearly 700 subscribing Schools already use GCSEPod for homework, flipped learning, revision on the go, and even in the classroom.

It's convenient and effective!

In 2012, GCSEPod subscribing schools achieved an average rise in attainment of 2.6% (percentage of students with at least 5 A*-C grades including English and Maths). that's 3% higher than the national average. Many subscribing schools achieve a rise of more than 10% year on year.

GCSEPod podcasts are designed for mobile devices so it's like your child is carrying a huge pile of textbooks and revision guides around with them everywhere. Filters also ensure that your child can only view the podcasts relevant to the exam boards the school uses.

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More hints and tips on how parents can help their children use GCSEPod can be found here.  

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Sam Learning and Kingsmead School

SAM Learning is the only provider of cross-curricular online study proven to improve results. Students love racing around our exciting world, competing with classmates to achieve top marks. And because our automatic marking and detailed progress reports save teachers time, you’ll get more chance to focus on all the other aspects of your job, too.

Homework and SAM Learning 

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