Rotary Club logo emblemCongratulations to Aniqa and Anannama who were both recognised by the Rotary Club of Bush Hill Park at their annual Presentation Dinner, with the Martin Heraud Awards for academic excellence and contribution to the wider community.

Aniqa was recognised for her strength of character and determination to excel in her studies, for her work in the community as a volunteer at a local GP surgery and for positive contributions to supporting literacy skills with lower school students. Aniqa has also successfully obtained all 5 of her UCAS offers including Kings College London and University College London, where she wishes to study Pharmacy. A fantastic achievement, hard won and well deserved.

A student with the courage, determination and self motivation to make the most of opportunities offered to her and to develop the work ethos and positive attitude to succeed, is one to be emulated and admired; Anannama is a role model to her peers. Working at a local cancer charity shop in Enfield for over 20 hours as a volunteer, clearly demonstrates her giving nature. As a member of EPAK, Anannama is keen to make a positive contribution to conserve our energy use, thus making a small contribution to the reduction of global warming. A true Geographer in the making. The hard academic grafting is paying off, for Anannama has received offers from all 5 of the universities applied for; including Kings College London and University College London.

As the sisters have decided that they will attend different Universities and separate for the first time - how will they decide who goes where given the fact that they have received the exact same offers? They are going to pick their University out of a hat! Its the luck of the draw!!

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