The hallmark of a great academic is someone who is serious about the exploration of knowledge, who views learning as a pleasure and who seeks to challenge themselves to scale what appears to be unreachable heights. 

Huge congratulations to Gold who has done just this.

Electing to read a degree in Mathematics at university is an enormous step, reading the degree at Cambridge University is a step beyond the ordinary.

We are very proud that once again a member of Kingsmead Sixth Form has busted the myth wide open that says “Ordinary Students from Eastern Enfield can’t access the very top academic universities in the land” – hard work and dedication will open doors of excellence.

We sincerely wish Gold all the very best in her forthcoming exams and we know that she will be a role model and an excellent ambassador for the school.

How enormous is this!

“I’m looking forward to experiencing the university lifestyle, gaining my independence and eager to learn a whole lot more about my subject!”