June 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

We would like you to have as much notice as possible that the school uniform policy is changing slightly.

From September, students must wear traditional flat, black, sensible shoes.

This means that as well as the long standing ban on trainers and boots, students may not wear Nike ‘Air Force’ (or similar)or high top Kickers (or similar). Learning Directors of Year have spoken to their year groups in assembly about the new rules, so your child should already know.

Students who do not wear the correct shoes will not be allowed into lessons in September, they could be sent home until they wear acceptable shoes to school.

The shoe policy is detailed below. Please contact your child’s Learning Director of Year if you have any questions about buying appropriate shoes. We would be hugely disappointed to have to keep a child out of lessons due to a misunderstanding.

Shoes: Traditional flat, black sensible shoes – lace up shoes to have black laces.


shoes 2









  • No trainers, canvas shoes or boots.
  • No white or coloured laces.
  • No sandals. No kitten heels.
  • No platform shoes or ballet pumps.
  • No airforce or high top kickers.
  • No suede shoes or leather plimsolls



Yours faithfully,

Hugh Greany                        David Medway

Deputy Headteacher        Headteacher (Designate)