Kingsmead School's Admission Policy can be downloaded here

DSC 0024Taster Day 2015All applications to Kingsmead School must be made on the Local Authority (LA) application form (even if a student has gained admittance via our Performing and Visual Arts criteria the LA application form must still be completed). The supplementary form for admission to Kingsmead School on the Performing and Visual Arts Aptitude criteria (September 2017) is available in the Specialist Status section of this website.


For further information on admissions to all Enfield schools (including Kingsmead School) please see the Enfield Council website (

Admissions via Performing and Visual Arts Aptitude

Kingsmead School is a Specialist School in the Performing and Visual Arts (PVA) and is able to select 10% of students based on their aptitude in Art, Drama, Music and for 2017 admissions we have included Dance in our PVA subjects, their ability to develop their skills in these subjects and their committment to these subjects.

Any fraudulent or misleading information given in support of any application (including under the Performing and Visual Arts criteria) may result in the Governors withdrawing a place which has been offered.

 For further information and application form for PVA admissions, please visit the Specialist Status section of this website.


Kingsmead School's Appeal & Reserve List Information 2018

If you asked for this school as a higher preference than the school you have been allocated, your child’s name has been included on the reallocation list.

To apply for an appeal form please write to Mrs L Baker at Kingsmead School, giving your child’s name, date of birth and primary school. Completed appeal forms must be returned to Kingsmead by 4.00 pm Thursday 20th April 2017 at the latest.

Provisional date for the appeal hearings - Tuesday 23rd May 2017 onwards.

 If your child is not successful in obtaining a place at Kingsmead for September 2018, you can download the information for lodging an appeal here.

Notes of Guidance

Appeal Form