The Board of Trustees of Kingsmead School is comprised of Community Trustees, Parent Trustees and Staff (Teaching and Non teaching) Trustees.

The body is made up of four main committees:

There are several smaller panels that sit at different times of the year:

Our Chair can be contacted via Kingsmead School, 196 Southbury Road, EN11YQ

The Board of Trustees at Kingsmead is made up of:

Our Trustees

Below you can see a list of our current Trustees, their Trustee type, roles within the Board of Trustees and their terms of office.

Name Trustee Type and Role   Start Date  Expiry Date
Andrew Nicholas Chair December 2018 December 2022
Ken Gregory Vice Chair  December 2018 December 2022
David Medway Headteacher   N/A Ex-Officio N/A Ex-Officio
Kim Pickering Community September 2016 September 2020
David Boothroyd Community September 2019 September 2023
Alok Agrawal Community December 2018 December 2022
George Rhoden Community March 2017 March 2021
Usman Haroon Community December 2016 December 2020
Rhoda Flindall Community June 2018 June 2022
Samantha Ojokor Parent September 2017 September 2021
Joanne Eaton  Parent September 2018 September 2022
Deborah Watson Parent September 2018 September 2022
Carmien Gharbaoui Parent September 2018 September 2022
Denise Chan Parent September 2018 September 2022
Vacancy Parent      
Lesley Pitcher Staff October 2018 October 2022
Vacancy Staff      
Vacancy Staff      

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