The Kingsmead School Motto - 'Dream, Believe, Achieve'

The Kingsmead School Mission - "To enable our students to become successful learners by fostering growth mind-sets"

Kingsmead's motto and mission are underpinned by our core values:

High Expectations:  Learning is at the heart of all that we do

Challenge and Enjoyment:  Engaging and motivating each other in our efforts to be increasingly resilient, resourceful and reflective

Community:  Working together to support and develop confident, responsible citizens

We are committed to traditional excellence in academic achievement and examination success as well as taking on board new technology and innovative, imaginative approaches that make learning stimulating and rewarding. At Kingsmead we are constantly striving to maximise our students' full potential and in recent years have introduced Latin and initiatives such as Building Learning Power (BLP), Accelerated Reader & Maths and SAM Learning amongst others to build upon the curriculum. In addition we have Specialist School Status in the Performing & Visual Arts.

Kingsmead School is a compassionate and supportive community and we are proud of our inclusive school ethos. We aim to enhance students' communications skills, self-confidence and self esteem. There are opportunities for all students to succeed, be that in the classroom, in music, drama, dance, on the sports field, in work-related learning, enterprise or environmental initiatives. We believe everyone has a dream which can be turned into reality