Learning Directors (Years) are advocates for student achievement. With their deputies they monitor the academic progress of students in their year as well as ensuring that they experience an appropriate range of tutorial activities. Students' academic progress is supported by tutors who work with them to set targets and monitor progress through academic mentoring.

They provide leadership for the tutors and students by ensuring that the achievements of individuals and groups are recognised and celebrated at weekly assemblies held in the Theatre and at end of year Achievement Ceremonies. They ensure that the Home School Agreement is fully understood and operated by all sides and provide a focus for the year group by, for example, ensuring that the year group has an external charity which they promote.

Learning Directors (Years) are also responsible for the broader educational welfare of their year group and hold regular meetings with an Assistant Headteacher linked to the year as well as reporting to the Behaviour Improvement Programme on all matters concerning students in their care.

Year Group Learning Director of Year Deputy Learning Director of Year SLT Link
7 Miss V Proud Ms O Tasher Ms R Shann
8 Mr P Green Ms K Poonisamy Ms C Emerson
9 Ms R Kane Mr O Palmer Ms M Taylor-Schofield
10 Ms C Batteson Mr S Ganapathee Mr N Ali
11 Mr C Christodoulou Mrs A Georgiou Mr J Kozah
12/13 Mrs I Young Mrs G Warrington Ms M Richardon / Ms Z Casoojee (Year 12)
      Mr F Macura (Year 13)


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