Expectations in the Classroom

Expectations of students in the classroom

  • It is students’ responsibility to be on time to registration and each lesson.
  • Upon arrival for registration/lessons, students must line up sensibly outside the classroom at the start of each lesson.  They must remove their outdoor clothing and ensure their uniform is worn correctly.  They must come into the classroom quietly.
  • Students’ must sit where their form/subject teacher has told them to, according to the seating plan.
  • It is students’ responsibility to ensure that they have the necessary books/equipment/kit for each lesson.
  • Students should write in blue or black ink at all times.  A pencil should only be used for diagrams/drawing.
  • Students should complete all tasks to the best of their ability.  If a student is absent it is their responsibility to catch up on the work they will have missed.
  • Homework must be written in School Planners at the start of every lesson.
  • Students should show respect for their classmates.  They should listen to the views of others and support the policies of the school.
  • Students must not call out or interrupt others.
  • Students should take part in all lessons – it is their opportunity to contribute to learning with their teachers and classmates.

Students must remember that their teacher is the adult in authority at all times, this is so teaching and learning can take place and for health and safety reasons.  It is unacceptable for students to:

  • Challenge a teacher’s decision
  • Argue or ‘answer back’
  • Make offensive comments
  • Refuse to follow directions.