Senior Staff

Our Senior Team is made up of the Head, three Deputy Heads, four Assistant Heads, a Senior Leadership Team Member, five Associate Assistant Heads plus our Bursar.

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Headteacher, Mr David Medway

Prior to becoming Headteacher, David led in a number of complex urban secondary schools and was a participant in the highly selective ‘Future Leaders’ program. His experience includes establishing an outstanding Sixth Form for a Hackney school, then going on to raise their GCSE progress to the top 10% nationally. He then restarted a school in Brent before joining Kingsmead, where, among other things, he has overseen the development of the school assessment and tracking processes.


Mr Peter Plowman MA, MusM, GGSM, ARCM, NPQH (Senior Deputy)

Peter leads on school accountability including Ofsted inspections and consultant reviews. He introduced the Home School Agreement and Learning Mentors programme and as Assistant Head ensured teaching quality through overseeing new staff induction. His current responsibilities include leading on external and internal scrutiny, school information management systems, the website and Firefly. He is the link deputy for Years 9 and 10 and oversees the selection of preferences for GCSE courses. He co-facilitates the Governors' Scrutiny Committee.

Mr Hugh Greany BA, NPQH

Hugh is the lead behaviour professional and Senior Child Protection Officer. He has overall responsibility for Behaviour for Learning and Rewards at Kingsmead and has overall responsibility for the inclusion department. He is overseeing work on ‘closing the gaps’ in the attainment of specific groups of students. He is responsible for student voice including the student council and he links to Year 9, History and Maths.

Miss Gen Mitchell: BA. PGCE. PGCert Coaching & Mentoring. NPQH

Ms Gen Mitchell: BA. PGCE. NPQH PGCert Coaching & Mentoring. 
Ms Mitchell has worked as an Assistant Head and Deputy Head in UK schools and as Head of Secondary in a bilingual 4-19 (English-German) school in Berlin.
As Deputy Headteacher at Kingsmead Ms Mitchell is in charge of Teaching and Learning throughout the school and continual professional development. The team comprises of Mr Kozah (AHT), Ms Emerson (AAHT) and Ms Palmquist (Whole School Academic Literacy) 
Ms Mitchell is the senior link supporting The Learning Director of Year 7.

Assistant Heads

Mrs Marian Taylor-Schofield has overall responsibility for the quality and consistency of internal assessments and the range and quality of home learning. Working with the senior deputy she is jointly responsible for the content and organisation of Drop-Down Days.

Ms Rachel Shann leads on developing and embedding consistency across the school in terms of uniform, punctuality and behaviour. She is also the Senior Link to Year 8.

Mr Metin Ali leads the development of our site as a positive and safe learning environment including police liaison, and all aspects of premises management and supervision.  Metin will also monitor and evaluate enrichment activities and Work Related Learning.

Mr Julian Kozah leads on training for new staff and the sharing of best practice of teaching and learning. He is also the Senior Link to Year 11.

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Maroulla Richardson - (Students of Marked Aptitude Co-ordinator) leads the programme designed to raise educational standards, to motivate and ensure our most able students fully utilise the opportunities open to them.

Associate Assistant Heads

AAHs will model best practice in teaching and learning, assessment and scrutiny and have a significant role in leading the continual improvement of the school.

Mr Fran Macura

Ms Zarina Casoojee

Mr Nasir Ali

Ms Clare Emerson


Mrs Andrea Gajadhar leads all facets of administrative and financial management.

For information our Learning Director of Inclusion (SENCO) is Ms A Pascali

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