Senior Leadership Team & Other Key Staff

Senior Leadership Team
Mr David Medway Headteacher
Mr Peter Plowman Senior Deputy Headteacher
Ms Natalia Ribas Deputy Headteacher
Ms Corrina Batteson Deputy Headteacher
Ms Rachel Shann Senior Assistant Headteacher
Mr Julian Kozah Senior Assistant Headteacher
Ms Gemma Clare Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)
Mr Nasir Ali Assistant Headteacher (Operations)
Ms Clare Emerson Assistant Headteacher (Operations)
Ms Lauretta Baker Director of Finance & Operations


Learning Directors of Years
Year  Learning Director Deputy Learning Director
Year 7 Ms Berivan Tuc  Mr Matt Bradley
Year 8 Mr Oliver Palmer Ms Adina Mihaila
Year 9 Ms Yasmin Noel-Smith Ms Fatma Shaban
Year 10 Mr Steven Ganapathee Ms Emma Dukes
Year 11 Ms Anthea Georgiou Mr Daniel Mears
Year 12/13 Mr Paul Winstanley Ms Elena Trasca & Ms Mary Burnett

Senior Staff Surgeries

Senior staff surgeries provide parents with an opportunity to discuss any school issues concerning you or your child.
We are delighted to provide you with the following dates and times. Please see below.

If you wish to discuss any details that are relevant to your child or anything else about Kingsmead, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can make an appointment in one of two ways:

1. Telephone the school and book an appointment by calling 020 8351 5000
2. Send an email to

If you prefer to have a phone call, we are also able to facilitate this.

All appointments will initially be 15 minutes, with follow-up appointments made where necessary; all times will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. It would be very helpful if the overall focus of the meeting could be known in advance in order that we might be able to have some answers to any particular questions.

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