Here are a number of projects celebrating Kingsmead's 50 years!

English Creative writing1

English Department Creative Writing Competition

May 26, 2017
Students across the school have been putting pen to paper for Kingsmead’s 50th Birthday celebration! The theme of ‘50’ was used as starting point for producing an imaginative piece of writing about…

Photos from the 'Archives'

May 23, 2017
If you were a member of staff or pupil at Kingsmead school and would like to contribute some photographic memorabilia, please contact Mrs D Nelmes emailProtector.addCloakedMailto("ep_6a9c9a28", 1);
PE Running

Fastest 50

May 18, 2017
To celebrate the 50th Birthday of Kingsmead School, the PE Department set the students a challenge……. Sprint 75 meters to find Kingsmead’s 50 fastest – 25 girls and 25 boys.

Back to the Past

Apr 03, 2017
1967 was a very good year, with the OSCAR for best film going to Sidney Pottier "In the Heat of the Night", the number 1 record was the Beatles "All you need is love" and Kingsmead School was opened.…