Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 the course is divided into three termly units in each year.

Year 7

Term 1 - Bugs: Bugs, Bugs, Bugs reintroduces the idea of art being fun! Workshop lessons give students opportunity to improve Drawing skills, cutting skills, painting & printing skills, Whilst introducing a range of Art Media. Students develop an understanding of basic colour Theory & recycling in Art.

Artists; Henri Matisse, Rebecca J Coles, M C Escher, Jennifer Angus, Damian Hirst, Louise Bourgeois & Eugene Seguy.

Materials & Equipment; Scissors, Recycled Papers, newspaper, magazines, printed papers, lined paper & coloured papers. Cellophane, polyblock, printing inks, rollers, etc, White paint, pencils, oil pastels, chalk, Black paper, Wire, Tin foil. A4 Black sketchbook.

Term 2 - Drawing Skills: Drawing & Colour Skills; practices & refines students drawing skills. A series of observational drawings will be made from natural forms to develop an understanding of the importance of drawing. Drawings will be made from imagination & observation, with line & experimental, Exploring shading and shading techniques. Developing understanding of composition & to learn solid, blending & shading colouring skills.

Artists; Van Gogh, Henry Moore, Alberto Giacometti, Patrick Caulfield, Lisa Milroy & Michael Craig Martin, Henri Matisse.

Materials & Equipment; Natural forms including shells & peppers, Graphite, Chalk & charcoal, Pen & Ink, Coloured pencils, Block paint, Tracing paper. A4 Black sketchbook.

Term 3 - Picasso: Students will paint a self portrait from imagination & memory before being introduced to & developing an understanding of Picassos portrait work, students will learn how to correctly draw the proportions of the face, developing their work into cubist inspired portraits. Consideration will be made as to how colour can be used to reflect mood. Students will use the website Mr Picasso head to develop understanding & produce final outcomes using clay or Batik.

Artists; Pablo Picasso

Materials & Equipment; Block/Poster paint, Oil Pastel, Mirrors, Tracing paper, Clay, Batik equipment/tools & fabric ICT. A4 Black sketchbook

Year 8

Year 8 Art is split into four distinct projects:

Term 1 - Figures Project: Workshop based lessons will explore how artists represent the Figure, with a focus on sculptural media to create a Giacommeti inspired tin foil figure, a clay figure inspired by Gormley and a paper mache figure inspired by the work of Nikki De Saint Phalle. Reference will be made to the work of Keith Haring to develop a sense of movement and colour in their work whilst considering how sculpture can be placed in the environment. Observational figure drawing will form the assessed work. (Work will form the coursework unit for the OCR Accredited certificate for PVA students)

Artists; Keith Haring, Nikki De Saint Phalle, Antony Gormley, Alberto Giacometti.

Materials & Equipment; Paint, Clay, Foil, Paper Mache, Kitchen roll, weights. A4 Matt Black Sketchbook.

Term 2 - Japanese Art Project: Japanese Art & culture will be explored in a series of workshops that introduce both traditional & contemporary Japanese Art techniques. Looking at pattern, comparing traditional portraiture and manga, developing a manga inspired self portrait, observational Pen & Ink drawings of natural forms, the paper art of Origami, creating paper fans & lanterns & developing a batik or Kimono outcome.

Artists; Takashi Murakami, Hiroshige, Utamaro, Masashi Kishimoto, Tite Kubo, Akira Toriyama.

Materials & Equipment; Pattern printed papers, Inks, Fine liners, Coloured pencils, watercolours, block paints, coloured papers, Batik 9 fabric, wax, equipment, inks) A5 Black Shiny Sketchbook.

Term 3 - Pop Art Project: Pop Art as an Art genre will be introduced looking at both still life and portraits. Lessons will Explore Pop Art still life/portraits, based on artist's style, contextual analysis, cultural references, observational drawings, sculpture, composition, ICT and screen printing.

Artists; Roy Lichtenstein, Michael Craig Martin, Claus Oldenburg, Andy Warhol.

Materials & Equipment; Graphite, Acrylic paint, poster paint, fineliners, pritt stick, tin foil, paper mache, kitchen roll. A4 Black sketchbook.

Expressionism Project: Expressionism and abstract art will be explored in a project that focuses on how colour and mark can be used in art to express emotion. Exploring the relationships between music, sound and colour manipulating materials as a form of expression. Work will develop into a series of 2D drawings and a 2D clay tile.

Artists; Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Frank Stella.

Materials & Equipment; Music, Oil pastels, Paper, cardboard, art straws, tissue paper, clay, paint. A4 Black sketchbook


Year 7
Students complete the Bronze Arts Award. This consists of 4 parts: An art’s activity, a presentation about their arts Hero or Heroine, an Arts trip and an opportunity to teach their peers an arts lesson.
Students are taught a variety of techniques and work in a range of media to support this body of work.

Year 8

Students complete the OCR Entry Level Certificate. Work in the first Term supports the Figures Project and offers students the opportunity to develop skills and work further.

Artists; Keith Haring, Nikki De Saint Phalle, Antony Gormley, Alberto Giacometti.

Exam Prep and Exam: Externally set Exam paper students will choose from a choice of Titles set by the exam board to produce a body of preparatory work. Students will work from observation where possible, looking at relevant artists and in a range of media.

Two Day Exam: Students will sit a two day exam to produce a final piece relevant to their chosen theme to a scale of A3

Materials & Equipment; appropriate still life objects, paper, textured/coloured papers, pencils, coloured pencils, chalk & charcoal,

Artists; As appropriate to paper....

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