Key Stage 3

The English Department aims to offer an enjoyable, creative and innovative curriculum, which will challenge, stretch and broaden the horizons of every student.
We aim to prepare every student, so that all are ready when they start GCSE in Year 9.

In every year at KS3, students will be taught:
Reading: quality fiction, drama and poetry texts, short stories and factual-informative writing;
Writing: stories and descriptive writing, poetry, essays, speeches and articles;
Media: narrative and expressive units in film and other media;
Speaking and Listening: the ability to research and present topics of interest;
Shakespeare: an introduction to the plays of our greatest playwright.

Students at KS3 have three one hour lessons a week, plus one hour of literacy or Latin per fortnight for our weakest or strongest groups respectively.
Because of the importance of literacy in the world, every lesson starts with silent reading.

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