Key Stage 3 Textiles

Year 7
The first project in Year 7 is a chicken door stop which introduces students to operating the sewing machine and use textiles equipment safely and correctly. Students also learn about health and safety routines in the textiles area; how to sew a button and template making.

The second project introduces them to hand embroidery stitching and applique techniques. They will design and make a personalised key ring. They will also learn how to use research from existing products to create their own ideas and how to design a range of personalised logo.

Year 8
This project is all about experimenting with different textile decoration and colouring techniques as well as altering the construction of a T-shirt. Students will bring in a T-shirt from home or purchase one. They have the opportunity to learn about designs from different ethnic cultures around the world. They will use pattern and shapes from these cultures to design a range of T-shirt. They will choose one of their ideas as their final product. Decorate it, using a range of techniques from tie dye, to poly block printing, batik, machine and hand embroidery, plain and reverse applique. Each class will vote the best outcome to be entered into the Kingsmead School Fashion Show, which takes place in May.

The second project is about Textile and the Environment (recycling and sustainability). Students will collect plastic bags or sweet wrappers and then fuse them together with a heat press to create a new fabric. They will then use the new fabric to make an oyster card holder or a wallet. Students have the opportunity to develop and embed skills learnt from Year 7 and become creative problem solvers.

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