Key Stage 3

Throughout Key Stage 3 students will develop their knowledge and understanding of the key historical concepts, practising their skills in preparation for Key Stage 4 while studying the following topics:
Year 7
What is History? (Romans)
Students will learn about the key historical concepts and skills this subject has to offer. They will analyse sources and evidence from the Roman period to see how historians put together the past.
The Medieval Age
Students will study the medieval age from the Norman Conquest to the defeat of Richard III, the last English king to die on the battlefield. They will learn about how kings in the medieval world kept power and control, and will also look at the role that castles had to play in this. Students will understand how living conditions affected people and investigate the causes and impact of the Black Death.
Students will learn about the changes the Tudors brought to Britain, particularly regarding the church. The course will focus on King Henry VIII and what kind of ruler he was.
English Civil War & Cromwell's England
An important period in the shaping of British democracy is the English Civil War, and students will learn about the conflict between Parliament and the Monarchy and how England coped without a King for 10 years!
Year 8
In Year 8 students will learn about the following:
 French Revolution
 Industrial Revolution
 British Empire
 World War I
 Word War II
 Holocaust
 Cold War
They will develop their skills in source analysis and make judgements about the significance of certain events, such as the first use of the atomic bomb. They will analyse change over time and investigate the causes of both World Wars.
Year 9
In Year 9 Students will be getting ready for their GCSE!
There are four units to the course, which all build on and develop the skills essential for GCSE History. Students will be assessed using a variety of different methods. They will produce essays, projects and presentations and work in a range of different learning environments. They will develop their knowledge and understanding of the key historical concepts, including causation, change and continuity, similarity and difference, interpretation and historical significance, practicing their exam skills ahead of their GCSE years.

The Slave Trade, Abolition, and Civil Rights in America  The Migrant Experience in Britain Interpretation of Jack the Ripper Students begin their GCSE course.




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