Welcome to the Computing Department

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The use of computer science in the school is underpinned by the desire to equip our students with the skills, knowledge and understanding for a future in which computer science is already playing a vital role in teaching, learning, leisure and the workplace.

The aim of computer science at Kingsmead is to raise the levels of student attainment and broaden access to the school curriculum. The impact of computer science should offer exciting teaching and learning opportunities across the range of subjects we offer. The school also seeks to develop practice that will reflect the benefits available to our students through efficient and innovative uses of computer science.

The computer science department at Kingsmead School has three dedicated rooms, each with 25 workstations, all of which are networked. In addition, most departments in the School have one or more fully equipped computer science suites, data projectors and all staff have a laptop. There is an interactive whiteboard situated in the all ICT rooms. The school has a high speed filtered broadband internet access.