The Inclusion Department offers a range of provisions to enable students to become self-sufficient, independent learners and to prepare them for the wider world.

Kingsmead School recognises that it is the right of every student to be educated to their fullest potential by having access to whole curriculum activities whilst any additional educational needs are also met. The school embraces the concept of inclusion and endeavours to reflect this in our practice when working with students.

The Inclusion Department address the particular needs of students by:

The Student Learning Centre (SLC)

The purpose of the SLC is to provide a short term, alternative working environment for students who are experiencing emotional and/or behavioural difficulties and to support students until they can be reintegrated into mainstream lessons. Students working in the SLC will have an individual learning programme based upon their practical needs.

As an inclusion department at Kingmead our aim is to ensure that students can gain quality GCSEs. We endeavour to provide an effective environment and the opportunity to learn enabling them to gain vital qualifications which they can use anywhere and at any time; without barriers.

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