Key Stage 4

This course is a very demanding three year course with linear exams at the end of in Year 11. It is a 100% exam based course, with no coursework element. There are three examinations in total, which are 1 hour 30 minutes each:
Paper 1 - Non-calculator paper
Paper 2 - Calculator paper
Paper 3 - Calculator paper
There are 2 tiers of entry for Mathematics; higher – where students are awarded levels 9-4 and foundation – where students are awarded levels 5-1.
All students are taught the same curriculum format. However the topics are tailored according to student’s needs and ability. All years from 7-11 now cover a unit system which allows them to master a topic before moving onto another one. Pupils have to cover 10 units in each year; they take their unit examination every three weeks.
Homeworks are personalised to ensure all the material covered in school is consolidated over the course of a year.

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