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Media Studies is one of the Specialist Visual Arts subjects offered at KS4 (GCSE) and KS5 (AS/A2) at Kingsmead School. All  members of the department are subject specialists and endeavour to bring industry standard practices into the classroom.

Media Studies aims to develop the following skills in all our students, which are directly transferable to their other subject areas.

  • Communication - through group work, presentation, pitching their ideas and class discussions students develop their social and collaborative skills.
  • Research - through online and print resources student's broaden their independant learning skills.
  • Analytical - by studying current Media texts and evaluating their own work, students develop their diagnostic skills.
  • Practical - using a variety of technology, all students demonstrate their knowledge of Media theories through the production of Media texts.

All of our schemes of work are based on the four key concepts which are as follows:

  • Media Language
  • Institution
  • Audience
  • Representation

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