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MGT at Key Stage 3 provides pupils in years 7 & 8 with a variety of projects that give them the knowledge, skills and experience in preparation for the Product Design, Resistant Materials and Graphic Products courses offered at Key Stage 4.

Upon joining Kingsmead, pupils can expect to engage in an exciting and stimulating MGT curriculum over the course of the following topics:



Year 7

Storage Box
An introductory project to MGT in year 7 that gives pupils a broad experience of the tools, materials and processes involved in resistant materials. They are required to design and make a storage box with a number of compartments to contain different items. The box is constructed using pine and pupils are taught how to measure, mark, cut and join the material in order to construct their items.

Steady Hand Game
Pupils learn the basics of electronics and the use of circuits to create a Steady Hand Game that test the hand to eye coordination of early learners. They learn how to use a soldering iron to combine the electrical components to make the game work, while using H.I.P.s (High Impact Polystyrene) to create a vacuum-formed casing to contain the circuit. Mild steel is used to create the wire track and wand that make the final product playable.


A graphic product-based project, where pupils are required to come up with a unique concept for a new food-based product and provide the design for its packaging. Here, pupils are introduced to CAD-based graphical techniques using industry standard software Adobe Photoshop, to give their designs a professional outcome. They are taught how to transfer their designs to nets that they then construct in order to complete their final product.

Pop-Up cards
Pupils are required to design and make a card for a particular occasion or with a unique theme/concept, but making use of pop-up mechanisms to make the experience more interactive. Basic and more advanced pop-up techniques are taught to them and they are given a choice of using digital or analog skills to apply the graphics to their cards.