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What is Psychology?

Psychology is a scientific study of the brain, mind and behaviour

It focuses on what people feel, think and sense, as well as why they behave the way they do. Psychology as a science is directly relevant to our daily life.

Studying A-level Psychology will help students learn how to complete their work independently and to how carry out research investigations.

  • it will also help discover the flaws in theories and studies
  • assess strength and weaknesses of theories and studies
  • encourage to question ideas we tend to take for granted
  • develop critical thinking skills, scientific mind-set and creativity


Minimum entry requirements from GCSE grades:
English – C grade, Maths – C grade and Science – C grade.
Psychology is a part of Social Sciences Department and lessons are taught mainly in rooms 6/7 and 6/6. There are a number of resources in the Library and on FireFly (VLE) to help students with their studies.
Try looking through Y12 and Y13 textbooks to give yourself a flavour of the course – the textbooks we currently use are ‘Psychology – The Complete Companion’ published by Oxford University Press and Psychology by Illuminate Publishing. These textbooks are endorsed by AQA, and therefore are specifically geared towards the AQA A specification.
You can also refer to the subject specification, learning materials and other useful information by visiting the AQA exam board’s web site under this link: AQA Psychology


Psychology provides a useful foundation for any job, however it is particularly valuable for those students considering a career in: education, teaching, research, philosophy of science, evolution research, brain research, tests and assessments, computer science, criminology, mediation, psychiatry (medicine), elderly care, sport management, workplace productivity, ergonomics, counselling and psychotherapy, social work, human resource management, consumer research, advertising and many more.


Due to the nature of the psychology course, we recommend that students have a reasonable grasp of Maths, English and Science.
Psychology blends in well with most other A-level subjects including English and Maths, natural sciences Biology and Chemistry, as well as other social sciences, e.g. Sociology, History and Politics.

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