Sociology is the study of society. It is a social science that tries to understand the world we live in by using various methods of investigation and critical analysis. Sociologists tend to examine and understand different kinds of human activity, such as: culture, education, politics, religion, law, family, media, crime and deviance.

Sociology is a popular and fascinating subject studied in the sixth form. It offers research-based analysis of society through a series of interesting modules during two years. The main goal of sociology is to describe and explain human actions within the group and institutions that exist around us. As an applied social science, sociology aims to serve local communities by investigating social problems and applying research results. There are many sociological ideas, projects and programs that aim to raise quality of life, promote healthy life styles, tackle gang activity and help people from deprived areas. It also has very important public role in educating and emancipating both individuals and groups, for example, by tackling prejudices, discrimination and crime among disadvantaged young people or promoting importance of education for future life.

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