Kingsmead school offers a wide variety of enrichment activities throughout the school year. Our aim is to ensure every student has the opportunity to engage in an extra-curricular club, volunteering and charity work, and off-site residential trips.

We also have a number of different educational opportunities for students of all years to visit Universities and other educational establishments. We want to prepare students for life and to equip them to access the opportunities it offers. So, just as importantly, we want Kingsmead students to display and develop the following personal values:

COURAGE: Aiming beyond our comfort zone, facing difficult challenges and doing things the right way, not just the quick way
NURTURE: Believing everybody gets better by taking one step at a time and that it is our responsibility to find ways to help each other to do that
COLLABORATION: Believing that working together lightens any burden and opens us to new ways of thinking
RIGOUR: Thinking things through and working hard to ensure that we are delivering on the right things all of the time

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