Environmental Protection Agency for Kingsmead (EPAK)

The Environmental Protection Agency for Kingsmead is a group of Year 12 students that formed in September 2010. Their vision was to think up and implement ideas that made Kingsmead a more environmentally friendly and aware place to study. It also provided an opportunity to gain valuable experience that would help secure them a place at university and shape their future careers.

They first completed an environmental review of the school, from which they found the strengths and (mostly) weaknesses of Kingsmead’s current action on environmental issues. They then created an Action Plan which outlined the priorities to work on in the first year. (Action Plan)

EPAK delivered a week of assemblies to each year group in November to introduce their mission to the school and have designed and created a notice board to display important information about their work. They have been fully committed to the project, and it has been a valuable experience for them. They will soon be looking for new recruits from the new Year 12 cohort joining the sixth form in September.

Here is a link to our very own Eco Code.


They are: Emir Aciyan, Asli Ahmed, Robert Amissah, Curtley Brown, Shamima Choudhury, Ricardo Hamilton-Davis, Usman Haroon, Mahfuza Khanum, Devante Mitchell, Zeynep Pirbudek, Sumyiea Ullah and Chantelle Wilkinson.