The Kingsmead Curriculum

At Kingsmead, we believe that every child - no matter what their background - should be empowered to be able to choose higher education and/or a next step that leads them into a career they are committed to and have chosen from a position of understanding.

Our school aims to achieve both of those outcomes for our children by providing an academically challenging and broad curriculum combined with excellent personal development.

In order to deliver on our vision, The Kingsmead Curriculum is divided into three areas that complement each other: the Academic Curriculum, the Readiness Curriculum, and the Behaviour Curriculum.


The Kingsmead Curriculum works in conjunction with the Kingsmead values. It supports the realisation of the school motto ‘Practise to Perfect’, because we believe that success arises from having clear aims, focusing on how to achieve them and completing the necessary work, regardless of how difficult it might seem at first. This applies equally to all forms of academic or practical challenge: writing essays, solving equations, constructing experiments, performing music, dance or drama, practising sports skills, designing and making objects, sustaining a debate, grappling with different views of the world, following the expectations around school, etc.

The Kingsmead Curriculum prepares every pupil to access a university course or a professional career as this is our ambition as a school. Kingsmead’s definition of ‘professional’ encompasses all careers requiring a serious, professional attitude supported by commitment to achieving academic or specialist qualifications. It prepares pupils for adult life and equips them to access the opportunities it offers.

As well as building knowledge and skills, The Kingsmead Curriculum, through its design and implementation, intentionally develops the following personal values:

pupils aim beyond the comfort zone, face difficult challenges, and do things the right way, not just the quick way.
pupils think things through and work hard to ensure that they are delivering on the right things all the time.
pupils believe that working together lightens any burden and opens them to new ways of thinking.
pupils believe that everybody improves by taking one step at a time and that it is everyone’s responsibility to find ways to help one other to do this.

The Kingsmead curriculum equips all pupils with a range of skills and personality traits, as well as the body of knowledge, to enable them to function effectively and ambitiously as responsible adults in modern British Society. Students at Kingsmead explore concepts and truths about the world, discover their creative selves, and apply acquired knowledge. They develop into caring and empathetic individuals who can engage constructively with others, active members of the community and responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to society. They learn how to become principled professionals who are resilient and self-driven. 

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