Religious Education

As a non-faith school, we teach and deliver lessons about all the major world faiths, including Atheism. At GCSE level, this does become specialist in the study of Christianity and Islam only. Lessons are taught thematically through various different themes; including: Food laws, Rights and Responsibilities, Jerusalem, plus Sex and Relationships education. Resources are regularly updated on the VLE with interesting Links and articles, including supporting reading and film lists.

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Years 7 and 8 have a one hour RE lesson once per fortnight. No home learning is set for Key Stage 3 RE. Students are taught thematically about all major world religions, including Atheism. We use a range of different teaching activities and have religious artifacts and holy books for use in lessons. Students practice and develop a variety of skills in preparation for Key Stage 4; including: subject knowledge and understanding about and from religion, opportunity for class discussion, debates and extended writing.


All students are taught a Full GCSE course in RE over three years. Lessons increase to one hour each week for Years 9, 10 and 11. There is an in-depth comparative study of two world religions – Christianity and Islam. Students are also taught four different themes from Christian and Muslim perspectives. These are: Relationships and families, Religion and life, The existence of God and Religion, crime and punishment. Students are actively encouraged to form and express their own opinions regarding these often controversial issues via class debates and exam practice questions.

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