The Drama Department at Kingsmead is a thriving and stimulating place. We aim to provide students with a range of opportunities to explore plays, issues and genres in a supportive and exciting environment.

Drama is a unique learning medium and we offer all students a positive environment of trust and respect where every student has an equal opportunity to participate and succeed.

Through the study of Drama we not only develop specific drama skills but also confidence, commitment, speaking, listening and communication skills whilst nurturing and encouraging creativity. This approach extends into the extra curricula opportunities on offer such as 'Spotlight Drama Club', theatre trips and workshops with professional artists. Most recently a small group of students took part in national drama competition and came out triumphant winning the award for ‘Best Production’.

We are very fortunate to have three purpose built studios equipped with lighting capability and Interactive Whiteboards. We also make full use of Kingsmead's amazing theatre for lessons and performances.

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All students at Key Stage 3 have one Drama lesson each week. These lessons allow students to work with others and achieve their very best and foster an atmosphere of peer support and constructive criticism.

The schemes of work in Drama explore many issues and themes as well as teaching a range of drama techniques, skills and genres. The schemes of work allow students to engage in teacher, peer and self-assessments and provide the foundations for GCSE Drama as students will develop their knowledge and skills in devising, performing and appreciating elements of production such as lighting and set design.

Homework is set every two weeks in Year 7 and 8 and acts as means of consolidation or preparation of for lessons.

Year 7

Autumn Term
Devising: Introduction to Drama - 'Darkwood Manor' The story of the haunted house. Devising: Genre - Study of skills involved in a variety of genres

Spring Term
Theatre Makers in Practice: ‘Chicken' by Mark Wheeler (based on Road Safety) Theatre Makers in Practice; 'Chicken' by Mark Wheeler (based on Road Safety)

Summer Term
Performance of Text Performance of Text

Year 8

Autumn Term
Devising: Social Media Performance of Text: ‘Find Me’ (Explores mental health)

Spring Term
Theatre Makers in Practice: 'Blood Brothers' Theatre Makers in Practice: 'Blood Brothers'

Summer Term
Devising: Using a stimuli to explore and create own work Devising: Using a stimuli to explore and create own work



Students studying GCSE Drama at Kingsmead follow the Edexcel syllabus. The course aims to develop confidence, literacy skills and group skills whilst exploring ideas through speech, movement, performance and the written word. Students will create their own work and also look at plays written by other people. There is a strong emphasis upon group work, commitment.

The course is made of the 3 components below:

Component 1: Devising

How is it assessed?

This will be internally assessed and externally moderated 40% of the qualification

60 marks

Component 2: Performance from Text

Students will be assessed on performance in two key extracts from a performance text.

How is it assessed?

A visiting examiner will come to our school and mark the performances.

Component 3: Theatre Makers in Practice

Students will complete a written exam which has two parts:

How is it assessed?

Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes



A Level Drama & Theatre Studies.

This course builds upon the skills developed at GCSE. During the two year course students will explore drama and its conventions through practical and written assessment. It is an academic and challenging course and requires students to be committed to extra rehearsals.

The course is made of the 3 components below:

Component 1: Devising (40%)

Students will create a devised performance, including: exploring an extract from a text in light of a practitioner, using this exploration to create ideas for a devised piece, working collaboratively to develop these ideas and analysing and evaluating the development process and their contribution to it.

The process will be recorded in the form of a portfolio.

Component 2: Text In Performance (20%)

Students take part in two performances from two different texts, one a monologue or duologue and the other a group piece (free choice of texts), including: developing performance and/or design skills, understanding the context of the extracts within the text, articulating the intention for the character they are performing or the design they have created.

Component 3: Theatre Makers in Practice (40%)

Students will complete a written exam which has three parts:

Practical exploration of a set text, including: understanding of style, genre, structure, form, interpretation of characters, consideration of staging, including lighting, set and sound, consideration of costume and make up and an understanding of social, historical and cultural context.




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