Geography allows our students to understand how our dynamic world functions, the impacts the world has on our lives and the impact our lives have on the world.

Through our KS3 curriculum students will gain the skills to explore these links. Introducing them to enquiring investigative tools such as maps, fieldwork and the use of innovative geographical information systems.

Our students study a range of topics chosen to reflect their physical and human world at personal, local and global scales; enabling an understanding and appreciation of the diversity in landscape, peoples and cultures. Topics from development to ecosystems and weather to the geography of sport. Each year finishes with a synoptic regional study and then begins the journey to GCSE & A level qualifications.
These transferable geographical skills and knowledge of our world help to equip our students for lifelong learning as successful, responsible global citizens.

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The Key Stage 3 curriculum is divided into a series of themes that are taught during Years 7 and 8. Students will be taught in sets. These groups are organised according on their English set.

The Themes Taught in Year 7 are:

Themes Taught in Year 8 are:



At KS4 students follow GCSE Geography OCR B – Geography for Enquiring Minds

The specification consists of 8 units, divided into 2 sections:

Section 1: Our Natural World

Section 2: People and Society

Students will complete an exam in both components. They will also undertake a third exam in Sustainable Decision Making and will be based on a geographical issue.



Students study Edexcel A Level Geography. The course is divided into 4 sections:

Section 1: Physical Geography

Section 2: Human Geography

Section 3: Coursework

Students attend a weekend residential trip to collect information about a geographical issue, which is then used to produce a piece of coursework which will constitute 20% of the final exam grade.

Section 4: Decision Making Paper

Students will sit an exam which will focus on a topic linked to the units in sections 1 & 2. This will make up the final 20% of the exam grade.


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