The aims of the Maths Department:

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For Key Stage 3, students are taught the essential skills required towards mastering the material needed to obtain a GCSE qualification.
Students at Key Stage 3 have three one hour lessons of Maths per week, plus one hour of numeracy every fortnight. In Years 7 and 8, students are taught 10 units per year all of which have unit tests to monitor students learning and progress. Students are given personalised home learning to support the development of the curriculum covered at Key Stage 3.


This course is a very demanding three year course with linear exams at the end of in Year 11. It is a 100% exam based course, with no coursework element. There are three examinations in total, which are 1 hour 30 minutes each:

There are 2 tiers of entry for Mathematics; higher – where students are awarded levels 9-4 and foundation – where students are awarded levels 5-1.

All students are taught the same curriculum format. However the topics are tailored according to student’s needs and ability.

All years from 7-11 now cover a unit system which allows them to master a topic before moving onto another one.

Students have to cover 10 units in each year; they take their unit examination every three weeks.
Homeworks are personalised to ensure all the material covered in school is consolidated over the course of a year.


Students will be covering a linear course over 2 years. They have a choice of picking an AS or an A2 and the exam will be taken at the end of the course. Students will study Core, Mechanics and Statistics over two years.

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