We follow the Cambridge Latin Course from Years 7 – 11.

Students will have the opportunity to gain an Entry Level qualification and select Latin as a GCSE. It is hoped that we will be able to offer A Level Latin from 2018.

As well as Latin, students also learn about the Classical World.

We also offer educational trips to St. Albans and the Bay of Naples which includes a visit to the ancient city of Pompeii.


Students who come to Kingsmead with evidence of high ability performance will follow a Latin course throughout Years 7 and 8 which leads to an Entry Level qualification in Latin.

This is an external public examination and is awarded by OCR.


In Year 9, students who have studied Latin in Year 7 & 8 can select the subject for GCSE.

This is a 3 year course. The GCSE is awarded by Eduqas.
This involves the study of the Latin language, following the Cambridge Latin Course through to Book IV, and the study of Latin Literature and Classical Civilisation.

There is no coursework. There are three final examinations in Year 11.

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