Physical Education

PE at Kingsmead focuses on preparing students to participate in physical activity as a ‘sporting habit for life’.
By developing practical skills in Games, Gymnastic, Dance, Athletic and Fitness activities we aim to ensure all students make good progress with their physical skills, techniques and fitness levels.
By developing factual knowledge of fitness, sports rules, tactics, body systems, training and skill acquisition, students will gain academic progress, including literacy and some numeracy.
By developing emotional qualities students will learn teamwork, cooperation, aesthetic appreciation, fairplay, sportsmanship, personal endeavour and the importance of a positive mental attitude.
Students can excel in PE by choosing GCSE and BTEC courses and, can continue into university and college courses to study a wide range of sports related careers such as physiotherapy, sports rehabilitation, nutrition, coaching, sports data analysis, sport and social media, sports science event management and many more

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Students will be taught a range of activities- Hockey, Football, Netball, Handball, Fitness, Cricket, Rounders, Gymnastics, Trampolining, Dance, Athletics. They will have practical assessments every 4 weeks.
Regular interform competitions take place in Cross Country, Athletics, Rounders, Football and Netball- subject to covid guidelines
They will also be able to participate in extra curricular activities and play for school teams in Netball, Football, Hockey, Dance, Rounders, Athletics, Cricket, Running


Students continue to develop their physical, emotional and performance and knowledge based skills through studying Football, Netball, Handball, Badminton, Fitness, Strength training, Hockey, Trampolining, Athletics and Rounders, Team building and well being
Students can opt for the GCSE PE academic course in year 9 (over 2 years) or in year 11 (over 1 year).


Students can continue to study A level PE or BTEC- principles in coaching sport- level 2.
Students can also benefit from having one lesson a week as core PE lesson where they can participate in fitness, Basketball, Football, Badminton, Netball, Yoga and relaxation techniques. 

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