Kingsmead Sixth Form Dress Code

The Sixth Form dress code plays an important role in contributing to the ethos and values of both the sixth form and the wider school. The dress code should allow students to express themselves as individuals, but in an appropriate way. It is particularly important that the dress code recognises that the school is a working environment for students and staff, and therefore it should not cause embarrassment to staff, students, and members of the school and wider community; the public perception of the school should be important to all of us.

Sixth Form students are role models for the rest of the school, and are leaders who will represent the school both formally and informally, and so the dress code is geared towards a smart appearance.

Dress Code 2020/2021

It is recognised that this dress code will not cover all issues that may arise. Students may seek to wear, for example, items which have not been covered by the above guidelines, but which are against the spirit of this dress code. In such a case, or given any issue of dispute, the final decision is made by the Learning Director of Sixth Form. Students will be sent home to change and a formal consequence awarded.



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