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Listening to a news item on TV is distant and clinical.

There is little emotional connection to the experience - the stories do not appear to be real, there is limited linkage.

Sharing a room space with Mike Haines, a powerful figure of a man, whose life experiences are humbling, whose emotional upheaval brings home to us just how precious life and family are to our emotional and physical well being. The loss of his brother to terrorism and the realisation that out of such profound tragedy there is hope for a better world, one in which we are valued for whom we are irrespective of our background. "If we hate they win" is perhaps the most powerful and profound message of the encounter.

We salute the creation of Global Acts of Unity organisation working to educated and enlighten the young. How impressed were the students? In their own words :

"Inspirational" "Life changing" "Amazing, heart-breaking but truly inspiring"

"Unity is the strongest power to human kind" "Moving and Emotional"

"Harrowing – presentation was amazing" "Captured the attention of the audience - Honesty was refreshing"

"Quiet touching" "Opened my eyes"

"Brilliant presentation – held my genuine attention from start to finish" "Very emotional and riveting" "If we hate they win"

"Utterly moving I was in tears throughout – Mike was amazing and his message was truly inspiring" "It helped me to understand : How can I contribute to making a positive society"

"Fighting for peace overcomes hatred" "Very moving and emotional it really hit home and was personal"

Mike Haines

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