PVA Trip to Holocaust Exhibition

As part of our annual PVA Day, Year 12 Sociology class attended the Imperial War Museum.

We were given a talk from a member of the museum about what we were going to do on the day which included visiting the Holocaust Exhibition which is linked to our A2 topic of Crime and Deviance.

We explored different periods of the Holocaust, for example, when the Jews were deprived of their basic rights to when the Nazis boycotted Jewish-owned businesses to when the majority of the Jews were escorted to concentration camps leading to their death.

It was a very informative visit and has taught me a lot about this period of time, which will be invaluable to my A Level course.


During our visit, we were given a headphone guide which talked us through the exhibition and explained all the sections in more detail.

I found the trip very eye-opening as I didn't know much about the Holocaust previously. We found out about many personal experiences of the individuals involved.


Visiting the Holocaust Exhibition was very emotional and eye-opening. We were taken on a tour to gain a much deeper understanding of what happen. One of the most touching moments were when we specifically looked at the stories of particular children where it showed how they tried to hide and get away. It made me realise how much we take for granted when all these children could focus on was nothing but saving their lives!



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