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In Kingsmead Science department we regularly discuss how science affects culture around the world weather that be how new technologies allow us to become more connected or how we have begun to take huge strides in the fields of carbon neutral and renewable energies. Science has allowed us to manipulate the world around us sometimes for the better, sometimes for worse. Because of this it is the scientific community and government have to make the moral discussions, we believe it is crucial to educate our students on the matter so they can form their own views and voice their opinion.

Rocket science experiment

Sustainability board

In our science class rooms we have a sustainability board Displaying students work on sustainability, as well as posters about endangered animals, carbon emissions and picket signs from a green march for more renewables. It is placed to provoke thought and inspire students to think about what they believe is right, and what should be done to shape the future of our planet.

This is a project being run in KS3 and is funded by the UK space agency and the Royal horticultural society. In this project students received two packets, in one was normal rocket seeds that you could buy yourself from a shop, in the other was seeds that had been stored in micro gravity at the international space station with the UKs first astronaut Tim Peake (the first British ESA astronaut).

The students had to grow these seeds and compare how they grow over a period of 35 days, over this time they learnt the horticultural skills, giving them a greater understanding of how agriculture works around the world and the challenges facing modern farmers.


Sci and SMSC2

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