Sociology Trip to the Women of the World Festival

WOW festivalI was fortunate enough to be able to visit this festival at the Southbank Centre with a few friends on a Sociology trip. Many influential and successful women were at the event, which started off at 9:30 and finished around 5:00.

I was able to listen to many motivational speakers ranging from young teenage girls wanting to make a difference in today’s society, to a lecture from the first hijabi wearing female news presenter on British TV- Fatima Manji.

The talks ranged from inspiring to funny to relatable and even moving, as some of the women told stories of unfortunate experiences and challenges they had faced in their lives.

The festival encourages both men and women to reflect on the meaning of feminism, a term that people are often quick to criticise.

After our discussions during the course of the day we decided feminism is something everyone should agree with and we felt encouraged to have faith in today’s society, seeing how good can come out of even the worst situations.

By Sophia Modestou - Year 12

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