Adapted Year 9 Curriculum 2021-22

An explanation of the adapted curriculum for Year 9 2021-22

Students in this cohort were prevented from experiencing the full Key Stage 3 curriculum. This was due to the pandemic. Lockdown from March 2020 during their Year 7 and the operation of the school in year group hubs throughout their year 8 denied students access to the necessary specialist rooms and equipment.

In Year 9, therefore, students follow a specially designed curriculum in two of the optional subjects which they have chosen to study for GCSE in years 10 and 11. Lessons address gaps in their experience in Key Stage 3 and prepare them for the GCSE curriculum in those subjects.

All students also continue to experience National Curriculum Foundation subjects until the end of Year 9 as part of a carousel curriculum structure in which, for half a term, they attend weekly lessons in art, computer science, dance, drama, DT or music. Each half term, they move to one of the other subjects in the carousel. The curriculum in these subjects continues the National Curriculum programme of study for that subject and leads towards a full immersion day which allows students the opportunity to complete a substantial piece of practical work or to visit a related off-site venue, for example the Bletchley Park Museum.

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