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What is English about?

In Secondary education, the study of English is divided into three stands:

What do we teach in English and why?

While the three strands of Secondary English are separate, they each possess skills requisite for the study of all three of them and, as such, students learn to use the same skills in each of them:

What does English enable our students to do?

How is the curriculum structured in English?

In KS3, students are taught English for four hours a week and they alternate between studying English Language and English Literature. In KS4, students are taught English for four hours a week, two hours are given to the study of English Language and two hours are given to the study of English Literature. In KS5, students are taught the strand of English they chose – Language or Literature – for five hours a week.

What specifications do we use?

GCSE: English Language AQA (8700)   English Literature AQA (8702)

A-LEVEL:  English Language AQA (7702)  English Literature Edexcel 9ET0

What are the links between English and other subjects?

English is the bedrock to all learning because it requires students to read, understand and both write and speak about what they’ve understood with clarity and technical accuracy. As such, the study of English is essential for all other learning in every other subject.

What are the future careers students can take when they study English?

Journalism; teaching; writing; advertising; public relations; lexicographer; editing and publishing; copywriting; academic researcher; academic writer; social researching; speech and language therapist.



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