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What is PE about?

The purpose of Physical Education is to develop lifelong learning that takes students from being healthy active children through to becoming healthy active citizens. PE does this by creating individuals that possess a range of personal exercise strategies and can link the underlying principles necessary for long term health and be knowledgeable about career pathways. Through learning about sports, physical activities training, performance, nutrition, psychology students gain awareness of the importance of physical activity in developing longevity and fulfilment of life.

What do we teach in PE and why?

PE focuses on 4 key domains-

Physical competence in a broad range of activities
Physically active for sustained periods of time
Engage in competitive sports and activities
How to lead healthy active lives.

Additionally students can choose to study PE in further detail to GCSE, NCFE (level 2 courses) and BTEC Sport (level 3) leading to university courses and many exciting career pathways.

Every PE lessons allows students to Practice to Perfect by refining their techniques, skills, tactics and compositions to produce advanced performances. Independent practice is encouraged, and students become self-critical to ensure they progress to their personal best. (RIGOUR)

PE activities will stretch students to their limits and we aim to exceed all students conceptions of what they are capable of. ( COURAGE)

All PE lessons offer chances to work with others either as a partner or team mate. (COLLABORATION)

Students are taught to be exceptional role models in sport and to play fairly and be gracious in defeat. (NURTURE)

What does PE enable our students to do?

How is the curriculum structured in PE?

KS3 students participate in 2 lessons per week.

Each activity is taught in 4 week blocks (8 lessons) in the Autumn and Spring terms. Each Summer term activity is taught in 6 week blocks.

KS4 students participate in 1 lesson per week.

Each activity is taught in half term blocks of 6-8 weeks. Plus an additional 3 lessons per week for GCSE and NCFE students.

KS5students choosing BTEC sport will have 5 lessons per week.

What specifications do we use?

GCSE: Edexcel 1PE0

BTEC Sport: Extended Certificate

What are the links between PE and other subjects?

PE contributes to literacy and numeracy at various and regular points throughout a students experience.

Clear links exist with Dance, Performing Arts and Science-Biology specifically.

What are the future careers students can take when they study PE?

Career opportunities in PE and Sport are continually evolving and growing within our changing society. With the huge interest in Sport in the Media new careers appear daily and opportunities to follow a career path in PE and Sport are huge!

As well as supporting careers as professional players in all sports, PE qualifications and transferable skills are well-respected and necessary for a variety of careers including sport scientist, performance analyst, nutritionist, physiotherapist, sports technology (clothing and footwear), coaching, PE teaching, personal trainer, event management, social media and sports journalism and many more………

What extra-curricular activities can students take part when you study PE?

Students can participate in a huge variety of after school clubs both competitively and for development and enjoyment-




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