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What is Art/Textiles about?

One of the most innovative human endeavours is art/textile. It pushes students to try new things, invent new things, and come up with their own design concept. As they mature, students develop critical thinking skills and a more analytical perspective. They learn how to shape our history via contemplation, as well as contribute to our country's culture and innovation.

What do we teach in Art/Textiles and why?

The Art/Textiles curriculum at Kingsmead is designed to teach: -

What does Art/Textiles enable our students to do?

At the end of KS3, it will enable students to:

At the end of KS4, students will:

At the end of KS5 students will:

How is the curriculum structured in Textiles?

In years 7 and 8, Art/Textiles is taught on a carousel alongside Cooking, Nutrition, and Food Preparation for 1 hour per week. Year 9 students receive two hours of instruction per week, Year 12 students receive four hours of instruction per week, and Year 13 students receive five hours of instruction per week.

What specifications do we use?

GCSE: AQA Art and Design 8201-8206

A-LEVEL: AQA Art/Textiles 7204

What are the links between Art and Textiles and other subjects?

Links to other subjects:

English - encouraging the use specialist and academic language in written and verbal communications.

Maths - measuring and proportions

Art - colour theory, printing, drawing and colouring.

History - cultural, social and art.

STEM:3-CAD/CAM, engineering, technology and design, manufacturing.

MGT: CAD/CAM, engineering, technology, CAD/CAM, engineering, technology, design, manufacturing and cultural, social.

What are the future careers students can take when they study Art/ Textiles?

A textile design graduate can work in any area of the creative sector, including fashion and textile, working for a company or as an entrepreneur. Graduates of textile technology are employed as clothing/textile technologists, fashion designers, textile designers, fashion columnists, secondary school teachers, personal shoppers, and in the television, theatre, and film industries.

What extra-curricular, including trips and visits, can students take part in in this subject?

What extracurricular activities, including trips and visits, are available to students enrolled in this subject?

We run an after-school Textiles club once a week for students in years 7 and 8; as well as trips to museums and exhibitions for primary research and drop-down days. During PVA workshops, experts in the field speak to students about their personal experiences and career opportunities. We also work with Arts Emergency, a charity that provides mentoring and coaching sessions for students aspiring to higher education in Textiles. We run summer school activities in art and textiles to fill skills gap impacted by the recent pandemic.


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