An ambitious and inclusive programme of activities that foster the development of further skills outside timetabled lessons. These are critical skills such as teamwork, collaboration, the importance of contribution and participation and sense of responsibility. Our enrichment programme extends learning and allows our students to follow their interests beyond the classroom. Our links to external organisations enhances this provision, which helps to build our community ethos and contributes to our students’ enjoyment of school life.

Enrichment Program at Kingsmead

School Clubs

A rich and diverse mix of lunchtime and after-school activities that are interesting, fun and enjoyable. Our clubs bring many benefits:

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TripsTrip to Nepal

Duke of Edinburgh Award
International programme that empowers young people, supports them as they learn new skills, overcome obstacles, and build confidence and resilience.

Stepping Stones
This program supports the transition from Primary school and throughout Year 7. Fundamental to its delivery is the participation of our Year 10 students, who develop skills in mentoring and begin to appreciate the importance of contributing to the community.

First Give
This program empowers our students to engage in discussions about social conscience and ignites a passion for contribution to our wider society

Students engage in diverse and varied exploration of the creativity and the Arts. This includes students’ participation in a number of trips to art and culture museums around the City of London.

School Production
Participating in the school production fosters students’ creativity, collaboration skills, their confidence, and their appreciation for music and the performing arts.


Past fundraising events have included:

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