Welcome to the governors’ section of the Kingsmead school website. Here you will find additional restricted access documentation which will help you get a fuller feel for our school. 

Kingsmead is a school which we are very proud of.  It serves a diverse community which faces many barriers of social deprivation and yet through a culture of high expectations we enable our young people to raise their aspirations and fulfil their dreams:  outstanding A level results and large numbers of students progressing to university are testament to this.

Our specialist status in performing and visual arts recognises high quality provision in these areas.  To meet the needs of families seeking places here for children who have aptitude in performing and visual arts subjects, we facilitate their application by offering a limited number of places to children who might not qualify under the local authority’s admission rules.

Our reputation locally is hard won.  Parents and carers who entrust their children’s education to us do so in the knowledge that high standards of behaviour and learning are expected.  This is reflected in the consistent application of policies, the expectation of partnership working to support in school and home learning and the provision of a range of extended learning opportunities.

Kingsmead’s dedicated teaching and support staff look forward to welcoming you to the school and discussing with you the impact of the work we do to provide outstanding opportunities for our young people.   


Ofsted Final Report June 2016