Dyslexia Project - Enfield Town Library

Last term, as part of our community links, we interview a lady from the community to find out about difficulties growing up. Our project was to represent “dyslexia”. The sculpture is now on show with the story in Enfield Town Library.

⭐️ ENFIELD TOWN LIBRARY ⭐️ Here’s one of 12 locations on our walking trail around Enfield town as part of our #storiesofenfield project. 1 in 10 of us is nowadays identified as dyslexic but until relatively recently this condition was not understood and was accordingly massively under diagnosed. School children who struggled with reading and writing were unfairly labelled and at times their full potential was not recognised. Click the link below to hear Jacky’s personal reflections on how this felt and the impact it had on her educational achievement. Thankfully, today dyslexia is more widely recognised and support and specialist intervention are more readily available as we progress towards a more inclusive learning environment that recognised the diversity of students’ needs. A special thanks to the pupils from Kingsmead School, Enfield who designed and created this artwork. https://youtu.be/E7UbAL4vouw

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