Kingsmead Heroes

The students below have produced fantastic work for the following subjects and have been awarded a £5 Amazon Voucher

Rewards Week Beginning 2.11.20
Art - Shayma Islam
Business - Dylan Smith
Citizenship/Politics - Chloe Ficcori
Computing - Kledis Marku
Dance and Drama - Lillia Siddiqui
English - Diyar Keryanda
History - Harry Ingham
Maths - Ryan Nicholls
Media - April Erbil
MFL - David Kwiatkowski
Psychology/Sociology - Gamze Kamcekmez
RE - Israt Ahmed
Textiles - Arusha Arumarajah
Year 7 - SaphireLudwick
Year 8 - Isabelle Elston
Year 9 - Lucy Keown-Price
Year 11 - Diyar Kervanda
Sixth Form - Yash Kavia



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