Nepal Trip - An awesome Success

Kingsmead pupils had the amazing opportunity this summer to take part in an extraordinary expedition to Nepal in Asia. The itinerary took the pupils well out of their comfort zones and immersed themselves into Nepali culture . What made this trip even more fulfilling for the pupils that took part, is that they raised some of the money themselves through fundraising activities like sponsored runs, bake sales and putting on entertainment events.

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 Testimonials from students

"The trip was incredible and showed me a new way of life that was simpler but also rich with culture and experience. The food was delicious and the people were so friendly. I enjoyed bonding with my already friends and making new ones. I loved exploring Nepal and its temples, rivers, and cities. I am so glad that I took part in this trip I will remember it for the rest of my life."

"My trip to Nepal was a great one. It helped me make connections and talk to people who I would have never talked and now I’m friends with them. The different landscape and environment is really amazing and gives a different perspective on the world. It also helped me gain confidence. I have knee problems and when we were told we were doing a trek I was scared because I thought my knee would dislocate and collapse. But finishing the trek and not hurting myself and being able to go to their temples and monasteries with that little less stress was amazing and a great boost for my confidence. Later on in the trip I didn’t even feel restricted with my knee and wasn’t scared anymore to do white water rafting which was a very enjoyable and a fun experience."

"I recommend this trip to anyone who feels a bit lost and wants to experience something really meaningful. It was very good and it made me understand the culture of the country."

"Everyone gained something new from this trip. Whether it was a gift they bought, or a new story to tell. It was a journey for all of us, be it physical, psychological or spiritual. An experience for sure, but one to be remembered and cherished."

"The trip was purely amazing, it has taught me to be more independent as we learnt to navigate the streets of Kathmandu and Pokura. At times it was challenging (missing my family) but the teachers and Bugg were really supportive and helpful. I would recommend a world challenge trip to anyone because of the fun I had with my friends, the cultural insight I had of Nepal and independence this trip gave me."

"This trip has completely inspired and changed my perspective. It allowed me to understand my privileges and become more grateful. The trip as a whole was brilliant. I felt so lucky to be going and the range of activities taught me a lot. I would recommend this trip to anyone who loves travel and exploration and wants to learn more about the world. This trip has been great for me and the rest of our group. I hope it can be the same for others in the future."

"I loved the trip, it was so much fun and it has changed my life forever. It has helped me grow in confidence and become more independent and has also changed the way I see the world."

"The trip was spectacular and amazing. We visited many traditional Nepali locations and immersed ourselves within their culture- feeling both included and welcomed. I would 100% recommend this life changing experience to others in order to see how different people in the world live in comparison to us and ways in which we can learn from their lifestyle."

"The trip has made me a much more independent person and has made me trust myself much more with larger tasks. It has also let me experience how other people live and what their culture is like and it’s made me very grateful for the experience."

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